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Aqsa medical - what more could you want?

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Aqsa medical - what more could you want?

Lacrimal ductus endoscope


lesion pathology diagnosis to treatment improvement LAC-06FY / LAC-02FY


A wide range of applied
lacrimal ductal tube inserts has been developed with a new surgical procedure (SEP, SGI) using endoscopes, which allows the breaking of the lacrimal duct obstruction under endoscopic observation, I was able to perform surgery with diagnosis.
※ sheath induced endoscopic穿破method (SEP), sheath induction tube insertion surgery (SGI)

operation of
high and fits in the hand in the lightweight fit is, you can easily operate in a free position.

high image fiber of regularly arranged and resolution, in combination with HDTV MVH-1010A, image can zoom in appropriately sized to without having to worry about the monitor size and installation position, crisp in image quality An image is projected.

● Insertion Insertion part with an
external diameter of 0.9 mm is easy to insert even in the lacuna of the lacrimal duct where there are many bends and a wide range of observations can be made from Tears Kosuge to nasolacrimal duct.

insertion portion is also in the running of the complex lacrimal duct lumen of a thin tear Kosuge up to the nasolacrimal Kan, the excellent structure to the flexibility and durability, can be accurately guided to the observation site.


Tolerance ± 5% (* 15%)
LAC – 06 FY LAC-02FY
Insertion manager 50 mm 50 mm
Maximum insert diameter Φ 0.9 mm Φ 0.9 mm
Tip shape Wang type Straight type
Channel diameter Equivalent to φ 0.3 mm (irregular shape) Equivalent to φ 0.3 mm (irregular shape)
Viewing angle * 65 ° 65 °
Medical device certification number 223 AFBZX00096000


Examples of endoscopic procedures


Endoscopic image (lacrimal endoscope)

Lac-06fy4.jpg Lac-06fy5.jpg Lac-06fy6.jpg
Observation of lumen of lacrimal duct Confirmation of lacrimal tube Observation of nasolacrimal duct opening